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Our Process

The following is an overview of the sequence of events for a typical job. Once we have a received contract, the countertop project goes through a production process of templating, fabrication and installation.

*Note that the tear out occurs at template


Prior to our arrival, we ask that you remove everything from your countertops for the tear out. If the countertops are removed prior to our arrival, we ask that you have everything cleared from the work space to protect your items from damage. This process could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the job.

During this phase:

  • All sinks and cooktops are checked for compatibility (Customer provided sinks must be onsite for templater to pick up. We must also know the model number for all cooktops/ranges and down drafts)
  • Cabinets are checked for any adjustments that must be made prior to installation
  • Overhang and general support are discussed prior or during this phase

Below is a list of information that we MUST have prior to fabrication:

  • Sinks (customer provided sinks will be brought back to the shop)
  • Faucet Holes - how many holes and spread (ex. 3 hole 8” spread, 1 hole 4" right)
  • Cooktop/Range make and model, cutout dimensions with spec sheets; downdraft when applicable
  • Edge Selection


Prior to fabrication you may view and approve the slabs to be used. You may contact our office to schedule a time with the sales department.


At installation, we ask that you remove all objects from the work area and clear a path for the installation team to bring in the granite. We also ask that you remove all drawers to avoid from being damaged. There will be some final cutouts made in on site. Please keep in mind that there might be some residual dust over the next couple of days. Your granite will be sealed at the time of installation.

*If there is a down draft, it needs to be onsite at installation

Job Completion:

Please inspect your newly installed granite for any problem areas. If you find a problem, inform your lead installer on site or contact our service department. It is recommended that you reseal your countertops every 6 months.